Upgrades Continue!

Opening Up the Forward cabin.

Thanks to the help of Vortec Marine we completed an improvement to the usable space in the forward bow cabin, removing one of the four toilets on the boat and adding a shower seat that is an added dry seating area for those using this cabin. As an added bonus, we can now use the forward deck hatch to launch the spinnaker during the club racing that the owner loves to participate in, saving all the time dragging it up from the lazarette. All Varnishing completed by ourselves.

New Sails

There is a great choice out there in this market and we went of Doyle Uk and Stratis Sails.

We were looking to reduce weight and improve the boats light air performance. The first was a saving of 3kgs, not a lot but taking into account that we increased the areas of the main and the yankee, I think we did ok. I am happy to report that she now performs well in 5kts of wind where we used to struggle in sub 10kts!

New Custom Bimini Stands

These were designed by ourselves and custom made by our good friends at Spartec to replace the loose teak blocks that were always falling over! We made these to be removable and included cover plates to hide the holes on the small deck fittings that were left behind.

Refurbishment of Original Deck Gear

The staysail sheet cars are from the 1980's and might have had some work to them in the 2000/1 refit but were in need of a total rebuild and re-chrome. Again we employed the fantastic work of Spartec for this purpose.

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